Metal finishing services in London and Milton Keynes

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Metal Finishing Services in London & Milton Keynes

Our wide-ranging expertise in metal fabrication includes offering our clients a highly versatile and professional metal finishing service.

It’s a service that makes full use of our industry know-how and attention to detail, as well as optimising the fact we have unrivalled metal handling expertise in-house.

From applying our precision engineering skills and equipment to cutting, shaping and bending metal, we can seamlessly move on to adding a diverse range of finishes. Including coatings and decorative effects to match even the most exacting of metalwork briefs.

In fact, for some clients, the final stages of producing structures, parts and prototypes are the most crucial in terms of ensuring the outcome is functionally flawless, or aesthetically ideal.

Ways to finish metal parts and structures

If you are seeking the best metal finishing contractors in London and Milton Keynes, you are likely to need plating, powder coating or some other specialist process to create the right finish on a metal item.

Our on-site capabilities mean DDK Engineering can handle a diverse range of commissions, from stripping metal of its existing covering to cleaning, polishing, plating and coating metal surfaces to meet rigorous specifications.

We are also a local supplier of niche services such as electroplating, and spin galvanizing to add a consistent layer of molten zinc to steel or iron.

However, possibly our most common request is for a steel or aluminium metal powder coating in London and Milton Keynes. Including adding polyester, epoxy-polyester and specialist powders to metal surfaces.

It’s an option that enhances the appearance of paint on metal, and of course, DDK Engineering can ensure you get a tough, durable and even finish on your metal part or structure. Something that is vital for outdoor metalwork such as railings and street furniture, for example.

The advantages of metal finishing services

Why use DDK Engineering for a project that has highly specific metal finishing requirements?

We work with clients to either develop solutions or create a cost-effective finished product based on an existing set of specs.

Metal Finishing Services in London & Milton Keynes

One-off metal prototypes or multi-run consignments

We are equally adept and cost-effective for one-off prototypes, or metal finishing projects involving high volumes of units that must be uniform and consistent.

Either way, our in-house expertise, technology and ‘cutting-edge’ metal handling equipment mean we offer a fast turnaround and highly favourable prices. Even when metal finishing is part of a larger metal fabrication project that you outsource to us.

Keep in mind that we can add the finishing touches to a pristine and accurate metal structure or part by applying our engraving expertise too.

How to cost out metal finishing options?

What substrate do you need to be affixed to metal? What is possible when it comes to polishing, plating, galvanising or coating metal parts?

Often the best way to find solutions to finishes on metal parts and structures is to start by contacting us!

We would be pleased to discuss your project and provide free advice and a quote for metal finishing services in London and Milton Keynes.