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Metal Bending Service London & Milton Keynes

When you need metal bent, folded and shaped to a highly specific brief, putting your project into the hands of precision engineers with extensive metal handling experience makes perfect sense.

DDK Engineering has the know-how, track record and abilities to shape metal to any specifications. Always producing a flawless result, with an incredible level of accuracy.

Why we're a leader in metal bending

Our metal bending service in London and Milton Keynes is quick and cost-effective. Largely thanks to the fact we have all the equipment and skills needed in-house. Including advanced electric and hydraulic presses that can perform both heavy-duty and intricate metal shaping tasks.

DDK Engineering also offers you access to specialist CNC bending services, to tackle potentially tricky metal fabrication projects.

Also, the materials AND finished items are quality checked by metal engineering experts, who take huge pride in their craft and output.

From concepts or CAD files

Do you need help planning and specifying a sheet metal structure or part? Our design team are happy to help, as part of our end-to-end metal fabrication service.

If you have an existing design, we can work from various types of CAD files, to get you the exact 3D metal shaping result you want.

Keeping metal shaping costs down

There are many good reasons to use DDK Engineering to source metal, and precision engineer a structure, part or prototype using our skills and technology.

One is that we use our extensive industry contacts and buying power, to buy metal sheets at a highly favourable price. Having all the machinery and specialist engineering knowledge readily available on-site also keeps our unit costs low.

That’s true whether you need a one-off metalwork project or a run of items shaped using metal bending equipment.

With DDK Engineering, you can also choose from a wide range of materials, as well as being exacting in the finishes and certifications you demand.

Metal Folding, Bending, Cutting And Engraving

Metal folding, bending, cutting and engraving

Our metal bending service in London and Milton Keynes is – of course – part of a comprehensive range of tasks we can handle – for companies who need parts, structures or prototypes shaped from metal.

For example, metal folding and CNC bending are sometimes commissioned in tandem with waterjet cutting and laser engraving for metal engineering projects.

Having these services on-site – and the skills to use the latest cutting and bending equipment in-house – provides you with important cost savings too.

Metal bending service delivery and quote

As we are specialists in this field, you can expect speedy UK delivery on projects involving metal folding and shaping.

Get in touch for an instant quote for fabricating metal parts and structures. As well as free advice on the best materials to use when taking advantage of DDK Engineering’s bespoke metal bending, cutting and engraving services.