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As a highly recommended metalworking company, we naturally invest in providing all the metal shaping services needed when commissioning bespoke structures, parts and components. This includes advanced machinery and skills for customers looking for a CNC turning service in London and Milton Keynes.

What is CNC Turning?

This expert service relies on advanced, multi-axis CNC machining ability. In essence, ‘turning’ is a specialist metal engineering process that involves using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) to rotate metal cylinders and shape them using a subtractive cutting tool.

This contrasts with alternative engineering cutting processes – such as waterjet technology – which keep the substrate still and use cutting elements that work around it.

The result of using the CNC turning technique is an accurate part that can be precision engineered quickly. Whether that’s a complex prototype manufactured using our CNC turning service, or a high volume run of 100% consistent parts.

Why choose us?

One of the advantages of using our CNC turning service in London and Milton Keynes is that though we are metalwork specialists, we can apply our ability and innovative techniques to shaping other materials for our customers too, including wood and plastic.

Our versatility and creativity run alongside a dedication to quality outcomes above and beyond our ISO 9001 Quality Assured accreditation.

As you would expect from a metalworking specialist of our calibre, we can work from various CAD models to configure our advanced CNC machining equipment.

Our partnerships with our customers include sharing our professional advice and insights when asked “Which cutting process is best for my structure, part or component?”.

What materials are available for CNC Turning?

In our skilled hands, CNC-turning using the latest CNC machining equipment can subtractively shape a diverse range of materials, cleanly and consistently. This includes a reliable and fast way to outsource precision cutting of parts made of aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium and rigid plastics.

What finishes are available for CNC Turning?

However, you could also request a high-speed cutting option that leaves visible tool marks and may require the application of additional specialist finishing techniques to create a smooth surface.

Commissioning CNC turning services is often in tandem with outsourcing the coating of metal parts, such as galvanising, nickel plating, anodizing and creating a passivate finish.

Various heating techniques are sometimes used too, to engineer a pristine finish on a part created by CNC turning.

We also offer customers a CNC turning service in London and Milton Keynes able to carry out case hardening, bead blasting, polishing, painting and powder coating to create the perfect finish.

This is by no means a full list of what is possible when you outsource to our CNC turning service. Contact us to discuss your custom metalwork project, and we would be delighted to ‘turn around’ a quick and highly competitive quote for specialist CNC machining.