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DDK Engineering

For few years now, DDK Engineering has focused on continuously improving our manufacturing processes and product lines in order to provide our customers with the highest possible levels of service.

After the company experienced rapid growth we quickly recognised the increasing role of new technologies resulting in us expanding into industrial Waterjet cutting, we also have a full CAD/CAM design office at our disposal. With our very own qualified team of designers working round the clock to ensure that the most complex and intricate shapes can be manufactured on tight deadlines.

DDK Engineering is diverse in the range of facilities and products that can offer, to find out more contact one of our sales team.

Core Company Values

  • Quality and precision work
  • Clear and flexible customer communication 
  • Improvement through investment in technology
  • Meeting customer’s requirements and expectations
  • Partner confidence through service quality

Why Choose us ?

At DDK Engineering we have a comprehensive CNC machining facility with an in-house team of skilled programmers and operators

We provide efficient, personalized service on every project that we complete, from the smallest projects to the largest. Each project is unique, and we will work with you to ensure that your requirements are met. We can efficiently create your components in quantities large or small using our high capacity CNC turning and milling machines. Last but not list we also have the capabilities to make full or piece-part machine assembly.