Basic Raw Materials For Metal Fabrication

Basic Raw Materials for Metal fabrication

The durability of every metal work depends largely on the type of material that is used. Hence, before going ahead with metal work, you must be sure the appropriate and standardised materials are readily available.  And that is why we advise working with an expert in this journey, as they can be of help in choosing suitable materials for different projects. 

Raw materials differ for each metal fabrication process. Therefore, knowing the right one for each is important. In this article, we will detail all you need to know about basic raw materials for metal fabrication. Stay glued!

What types of materials are used for metal fabrication?

There are various types of raw materials used for fabrication works. Some of them include:

Flat metal raw materials

As the name implies, these are metals that have been compressed into flat pieces. With sheet metal being the most common type of flat metal and foil metal being the thinnest part.

Hardware raw materials

These materials are very important in the fabrication process. They are used to make metal products strong and come out with more essence. Some of its categories include:

All for adding a perfect finishing touch to final products. 

Metal Fabrications Materials

Casting raw materials

Casting raw materials for metal fabrication includes clay, concrete, molten, etc.  It involves leaving liquid metal in a mould to cool and take the shape of the desired product. Some of its categories include:

Welding wire raw materials

These materials are used for the welding process to join metals together. The wires work to soften the metal and render it soft for joining. 

Formed and expanded metal raw material

These materials are used for metal works that serve safety purposes and also harsh conditions. They are used in making outdoor furniture and surrounding fences. 

Sectional metals

These are used for construction and engineering purposes.

Tools Used in metal fabrication

Metal fabrication is a broad process that requires a team of professionals to pull through.  We hope this article provides you with basic knowledge of the raw materials for metal fabrication. For professional assistance, do not hesitate to contact us at DDK engineering. We are here to help!

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