5 Popular Types of Metal Fabrication

Metals undergo several processes to get products into desired shapes and sizes. These processes are of different types, each type for a particular kind of product. You can’t just put your metal under any kind of fabrication process; you need to know which is suitable. And this is dependent on the use of the intended product.

In this article, we have put together these 5 Popular Types of Metal Fabrication, to help you better understand their various purposes so you can make the best choice. Of course, we will leave you with a bonus at the end of the article. So, stay glued. 


This is usually the first and one of the most important steps in a fabrication process. It is more like demolishing a small house to build a mansion. It involves breaking down metals into smaller pieces. And this is made possible by the use of saws, laser cutters, waterjet cutters, etc.

Flatbed die-cutting, die-cutting, and rotary die-cutting are all types of cutting used in splitting metals. However, factors like the thickness of the material can sometimes be a setback to this process, as not all materials can be easily cut.


Folding is another type of metal fabrication process used to bend metals. It is carried out using machines called folders or hammers. The use of hammers can make this process really intensive, so most companies have switched to using folders for a much easier, time and labour reduced, and accurate folding.


Welding is not all that it is about fabrication of metals. It is rather a type, but a really important one, for it to be often confused as the whole process. It involves the joining of metals to desired shapes and sizes. It is often done with the use of heat. It can be carried out using tungsten (tungsten inert gas welding), electrode stick (shielded metal gas welding), or gas (metal inert gas welding). All to make joining of metals possible.

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Metal stamping is used to form shapes, letters, or images on a piece of metal. It forms an indentation on the metal rather than forming a hole. This type of fabrication is used by automobile industries to create vehicle designs. It is mainly used on aluminium, copper, stainless steel, and other sheet metals. And it’s quite inexpensive too.


In this process, materials that are not needed are removed from metals through drilling, milling, turning, etc. While drilling bores a hole in the material with the aid of drill bits to get rid of unwanted materials, milling and turning do the same with some cutting tools. This metal fabrication method is also used in automobile industries, and it is a very efficient and reliable process.

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This process involves subjecting metals to heat in order to compress them into various shapes and sizes. This method is often used by artists in their artistic work to create beautiful designs. Cold forging, warm forging, and hot forging are various types of forging that operate at different temperatures.

The aforementioned types of metal fabrication are designed for the sole purpose of creating a beautiful end product. Do keep in mind that your project determines the best type of fabrication. When in doubt, you definitely want to consult a professional. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your fabrication needs. We are here to help!

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